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Girl Scout Badge Packages

Earn ALL of your cooking badges with Chef Syndy!

Register your Scout and/or Troop for a Date & Time Girl Scout Event


Sign up for a private badge package (details below)!

In-person Cooking Badge Packages include:

The food

Copies of the recipes

The actual badges!


Accompanying adults are free!


Other than the Snacks badge, prices are on a sliding scale to compensate for distance traveled, kitchen rental, and any special foods (as well as cleaning products and practices)

 that may be purchased to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities.


The Badge Packages can be taught in the home of a troop leader or parent; a school, community center or church; or for larger groups and/or Date & Time Events

at either a rented commercial kitchen or Girl Scout property. 

T. Rex & the Rabbit Foods, LLC maintains a General Liability Policy with

the Food Liability Insurance Program and Chef Syndy

brings her own equipment to each venue.

Chef Syndy is fully vaccinated and boostered against COVID-19 and wears a mask.

Brownie Snacks Badge Package (2 – 2-1/2 hours)


$20 per person


While we prepare a savory snack from a different country, a holiday dessert,

a snack for energy, and a fruit smoothie, we’ll discuss the ingredients we use

and how they are healthy for our bodies!

Junior Simple Meals Badge Package (3 – 4 hours)


$22 – 25 per person


Cooking is a lot of fun!  To keep it that way, we have to be safe and clean in the kitchen.  We’ll discuss cleanliness and safety which we’ll then practice as we cook together! 

We’re making an egg dish, an international sandwich, a unique dessert, and a salad meal!

Cadette New Cuisines Badge Package  (5 – 6 hours)


$32 – 35 per person


Sharing a meal is the one of the best ways to truly connect with people no matter

who they are or where they’re from!  In our culinary tour, we’ll cook a West African stew,

a corn dish from Louisiana, a traditional pie that originated in the Middle Ages,

and a gluten-free or vegan treat!

Senior Locavore Badge Package  (2-part program)


$50 – 55 per person


“Going local” is more than just a trendy food buzzword.  It’s actually a complex issue with both benefits and challenges.  We’ll define what going local means and how that definition can be fluid when we consider globalization, where people live, and even climate change.  

We’ll also compile a list of our local food sources like farmers markets, sustainable eating guides, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). 


Part 1 is a self-directed activity sheet that must be completed before Part 2. 

Part 2 is a 5 - 6 hour workshop of cooking and discussion in which we'll make a simple dish, an Italian dessert from local ingredients, and challenge ourselves by making a local meal…with a twist!

Ambassador Dinner Party Badge Package  (2-part program)


$50 – 55 per person


When planning a menu, it’s important to consider the following: who is going to be eating (do they have food allergies or a special diet); how the textures and flavors will be balanced throughout the entire meal; and the cost which includes not only the price of the food, but the cook’s time and effort, transportation, and many other hidden items.


With this knowledge, we’ll put together a guest list, design a meal, find recipes, and write up a shopping list.  At a later date, we’ll host our dinner party.  We’ll divide into teams, set the table, decorate, cook, garnish, and serve our meal and of course, clean up!  Finally, we’ll have an honest discussion about the dinner party: what went well, what could’ve gone better, and how much personal effort we put into the party!


Part 1 is an online discussion or phone call.

Part 2 is a 5 - 6 hour workshop of cooking, eating, and discussion!

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