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Two Versions, Same Techniques, Mostly Same Ingredients

On this page, you'll find the same dish (with a few ingredients swapped out) that can be made at the same time for both vegetarians and meat-eaters.  If you're a vegetarian who doesn't want to handle meat or a carnivore who knows little about vegetables, how cool would it be for you and your significant other, relative, or friend to cook your own version of the same meal together? No one gets left out, no one gets grossed out--it's just another way to connect with each other through food!


Before cooking, I recommend reading the recipes all the way through; that way, you'll catch the shortcuts.  For example, if the Veggie and Meaty Versions both call for half of a chopped onion, simply chop one entire onion and divide it in half.  Once you get a feel for making two versions of the same dish, you'll start discovering your own shortcuts.  


Also, one of the most flavorful ways to make two versions of the same meal is to use a good quality homemade or store-bought low-sodium vegetable stock; it'll add a depth to your stews, soups, roasts and sauces (plus, it will save you from having to buy or make chicken, beef, or pork stock).


All of the recipes stand on their own, so feel free to make either the Veggie or Meaty Version.  



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