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Better Butter Bonus: Better Butter Coffee!

If you love frothy butter coffee (or Bulletproof® Coffee as it is officially known), why not try adding my Mexican chocolate or Masala compound butters to it for extra flavor?

These compound butters have a little bit of brown sugar in them so if you drink butter coffee for health reasons, you may want to omit the sugar from the Better Butter recipe. And if you drink butter coffee just because you like it, then leave the sugar in!

This recipe is by the cup.

8 oz of hot black coffee

2 TBS Mexican Chocolate Butter or Masala Butter

1 TBS coconut oil

Add the ingredients to a blender. To prevent hot coffee from shooting out of the top of the blender, vent the lid and cover it with a towel. Blend at a low speed, slowly building up to a higher speed for about 30 seconds or until the coffee is frothy. Pour the coffee into a cup and serve immediately.

Don't Freak Out!

1) If you like your coffee really hot like I do and you store your compound butter in the freezer, remove it from the freezer and wait at least 5 minutes before blending it with your coffee. Otherwise, the butter can bring the temperature of the coffee way down. If you prefer your coffee lukewarm, then by all means, toss it directly from the freezer into the blender.

2) I have a jar of unrefined virgin coconut oil that has never ever been in a liquid state. So when I tested this recipe, I used a heaping tablespoon of it--which made the end result too oily, too coconutty, and overpowered any of the spices from the compound butters. If your coconut oil is a solid mass, then use only half of a tablespoon!

3) Both the Mexican Chocolate and Masala butters will not overpower the coffee with spice; you will, however, feel just the slightest tingle from the cayenne. Add more spice if you'd like.

4) If you taste test both of these butter coffees, I don't recommend drinking three in a day. Trust me; I suffered so you don't have to! For the record, I prefer the Masala over the Mexican Chocolate which threw me for a loop because I love dark chocolate!

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